Our 60/60 Party

Well here's what 60 looks like (at least the way I'm doing 60):
I'm not really 60 until the 25th, but the party was Saturday night, and a good time was had by all (at least I hope so-I had a blast!)

Happy New Year

So here it is, 2008. How did that happen?

We sat down and worked out a set of, well not exactly New Year's Resolutions, but things that we want to do in 2008. Like spend more time together, take more vacations, stuff like that.

But the highlight of the new year (so far!) is the new outfit I bought today at Chico's for our 60/60 party (which - I can hardly believe - is this Saturday!).

Pictures to follow (for sure!).

I wish us all peace, health and happiness in 2008.