Wait-it can't be September!

I have absolutely no idea where the summer went, that's for sure.

I worked, we went to Asheville, NC, I worked some more, we went to P'town and hurried back to avoid Irene, and I worked some more.

Oh, I see, I worked all summer, that's where it went!

How I miss the 16 weeks of vacation that I got as a faculty member! I used those vacations well, learning new things, writing morning pages, getting to the gym, doing yoga. Now I hardly ever write morning pages, I don't get to the gym as often as I would like, and sometimes I'm not sure that I'm learning anything, on this ever turning treadmill that being a dean is.

But I am doing yoga, thanks to Peggy Cappy's workshop at Kripalu this past spring. Ten sun salutations every single morning, even if it means getting up at 5:45 AM as it did this morning.

And now it's the first day of class, and the race is on!

Good luck to all of us, students, teachers, parents, all of us.