The end of 2012

December 21 came and went, and the world is still here.  But 2012 is nearly over.  A time to look back and see what was accomplished, what was left undone, and what's next.

I got my Medicare card, so Medicare is "next" for me.  And I'm thinking about retiring, so that's another "next," but not until "next" year.  Putting off the inevitable, I guess.

And I got called to jury duty, so I know I'll be spending part of January at the courthouse in downtown Manhattan.

My sabbatical was filled with surprises: surprise surgery, surprise Sandy.  Not enough rest and not enough done (there's never enough done, I'm afraid-Jennifer Louden has tried to instill in all of us Conditions of Enough but I'm always upping the ante).

Winding down a 40+ year career is much harder than I thought it would be.  Twenty eight of those years have been at Pace University, 17 years on the downtown NY campus and now 11 on the Westchester campus.  Fourteen years spent in four different companies (The Home Insurance Company, Rapidata, Equitable Life, The New York Times) and one year plus a few months spent consulting.  Lots of experience, and experiences, and I'm tired.

So what's next?  I'm seriously considering applying to become a Commisioned Ruling Elder although I must say I like the old name Commissioned Lay Pastor much better.  I've got the application on my desk, Chip and I have spoken and he thinks it's a great idea, and I've got Anne's support.  What more do I need?

I just need to do it.