Wait-it can't be Labor Day!

But it is!  And it's back to school time, for me and for my students.  Tomorrow is convocation and the beginning of the school year at Pace University.  And I'm almost ready to go back.....my own classes ended last week, my fiddle lessons resume in two weeks, and, well, it's that time of the year!

Best of luck to everyone for whom September represents the beginning of the new year, and l'shanah tovah to everyone celebrating Rosh Hashanah, as we enter 5773.

Anne and I will be joining my father, sister and brother-in-law in Dayton Ohio for my dad's 379 Bomber Group Reunion.  At 91, he must be among the few surviving WWII vets from his squadron,  the 525th.  My sister and brother-in-law have been to these reunions before, but this will by Anne and my first.

And I begin my 28th fall semester, the second half of my 29th year at Pace University.  And this December I will mark my 44th year of working, pretty much non-stop since college-a few breaks here and there, for trips, or when I was laid off, but mostly working.  I have colleagues who weren't born yet when I started my first job.  And at this point in my life I'm old enough to be my students grandparents.  Kind of scary.

And yet, and yet.....I don't feel as though I'm done yet-there's more I want to do, more I can do.  I really enjoyed preaching this summer, and I look forward to doing more of it.  I'm taking a break from classes toward becoming a Commissioned Lay Pastor/Ruling Elder-Old Testament, New Testament and Polity are complete, education will be "waived," so all I need are preaching, reformed worship and sacraments, pastoral care and reformed theology.  Plus a field assignment.

So it's another busy year ahead!