How can it be July already?

So commencement was in May, and here it is July, and I've been "off work" for nearly two months.  What have I got to show for my time off?
Lucinda Williams at Clearwater
Olive & Gourmando, Montreal
  • Clearwater!  That's Lucinda Williams, who brought down the house on Sunday night.  She was amazing!
  • Five days in Montreal, eating fabulous food, biking along the Lachine Canal, and visiting Mont Royal.  Lunch at Olive & Gourmando (top right) and dinner at Joe Beef (bottom right).
  • Eight weeks of work with Meggin McIntosh and her wonderful Workshop Business 101
  • Joe Beef Beer
  • Almost done with BOTH classes at Princeton Theological Seminary - six down, two more to go, and then I've got my Certificate in Theology and Ministry!
Unfortunately, my mother-in-law died at the end of June.  Not unexpected but incredibly sad.  We had a kousa dogwood planted, coincidentally, the day she died, and we're dedicating that tree to her.

Life has a way of reminding you of what's important.

And now I'm enjoying the garden, the heat, and the chance to read-mysteries, mostly.

How about you?  How's your summer going?