Three kittens!!!

What are we nuts? I guess so, but the three little kittens have stolen our hearts. Our house has seemed empty ever since we lost Snapdragon and Bee Balm. They had good, long lives and we loved them dearly, and now we have Luna, Kali, and Shiva. We wish them good long lives and we love them dearly!
Shiva in the farmer's market basket

Luna in the gallon bucket

We haven't had kittens in, oh, 18 years. And when we last had kittens we lived in an apartment--much easier to keep track of where the kittens have gone to.

Oh, and our kitchen had almost zero counter space, so keeping the kittens off the counter was easy. 

Kali in the cat bed
But now we have lots of counter space and we haven't figured out how to encourage our cats, especially Kali, to stay off the counter. We tried yelling "no" until we learned that the cat will just associate the yelling with the person yelling; as soon as we leave, she'll just jump on the counter. 

Shiva, Kali, and Luna all together
Oh, and aluminum foil didn't work at all--she looked at me as if to say, Am I supposed to be afraid of that?

Well, yes, you are!

They are fun to watch, they have a ton of energy, but maybe the best is the purring that goes on when we hold them on our laps, when they sleep between us and when they eat!

I'm back!!

After a very challenging year I can happily say that I am cancer-free, and now ready to start enjoying my retirement.

And my wife Anne has two new knees (say that fast!) and one sore ankle (long story) but at least surgery is behind both of us.'s September again. The second September that school is starting and I'm not going in.

Last year was a whirlwind of surgery and coping with a diagnosis of cancer--I didn't actually get to feel what it is like to be retired.

This year I'm getting to enjoy it.

Here's what I've got lined up (so far!)

  • I'm taking Reformed Worship and Sacraments, online at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary. It's my seventh course; one more and I will have earned a Certificate in Congregational Leadership.
  • I'm taking Drawing I with the amazing Laura Gould. I've taken art journaling with Laura but it's time I really learn to draw.
  • I'm teaching the Thursday morning Adult Ed class with Tami Seidel at the First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown, my church.
  • Finally, I'll be teaching 7th and 8th grade Sunday School, alternating with Adult Ed on Sunday mornings at First Presbyterian.
Sounds good, doesn't it?

In between I'm lobbying for peace and justice with my Friends Committee on National Legislation Advocacy Team. Anne and I will be attending the Quaker Public Policy Institute in Washington DC in November.

And finally, our three beautiful adopted kittens are bringing us great joy. 

Named for goddesses: Luna, goddess of the moon; Kali, mother of the universe; and Shiva (who is actually a god but we thought was a goddess), the destroyer.