The New Year 2014

So the holidays are over.  We've taken all the candles out of our windows, and tomorrow we'll take the tree down.

I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring.  So far here's what I know: that I'll be playing lots of fiddle music and I'll be studying for my Certificate in Theology and Ministry through Princeton Theological Seminary.
Eastman VL205

So the picture on the right is my new fiddle.

A beauty, from Eastman Strings with a slightly flattened bridge, which is what makes a violin a "fiddle."  Unlike classical violin players, I want to be able to play two strings at the same time-that's how fiddlers are able to adapt different bowing styles, like shuffle bowing (which is what I'm learning now.)

It sounds really wonderful.  A big shout out to Mike Risko at Mike Risko Music School where I've been taking lessons since July.  Mike worked with his Eastman rep to get me a great violin, all set up as a fiddle.

Starting January 30th I'll be spending Thursday evenings on line with classmates studying the Old Testament in a class led by Professor Dennis Olson.  This is the first of a six-part series that I'll be taking through Princeton Theological Seminary.

And for the entire month of January I've been drawing mandalas, thanks to Heather Plett and her Mandala Discovery class.  I love that I have an "artist's kit" of colored pens and pencils, a compass and protractor and a template of circles.

So, what are all of you doing this year?  I'd love to know.