Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Not!  I'm done.  I've had enough.
And today we expect another, oh, three inches or so.  That yardstick says 18 inches-that's how much snow has fallen in February.  You know it's bad when your generator company sends an e-mail to remind you that it is "imperative" that you dig out so that there's three feet clear around your generator.
And yet....it's so beautiful!  The trees were covered with ice yesterday morning and they glistened.

I put on snowshoes (yes, snowshoes) to fill the bird feeders.  Both the birds and I were happy that I did-we had goldfinches, crows, black capped chickadees and blue jays at the feeders.  Good for all of you-there can't be much to eat out there in this weather.  I don't even begrudge the crows.

And yesterday, in the midst of all this winter, we saw a robin fly over the car.  Heaven only knows what that robin is eating.

Spring isn't far away!