is just around the corner-a time of year that I love, a "beginning" for those students who are graduating and moving on, and the beginning of summer.

Now if I can just finish grading the last of these damn projects/papers/late homeworks!

Summer projects abound!  The list is long and wonderful.

Here goes:

  1. Workshop Business 101 with Meggin McIntosh   Yes, I did this last summer but I need a "refresher"" and I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Cleaning the basement/home office (yes, this too has been on the list for a while but this summer it WILL happen).
  3. Plan for the next phase of our lives-where we will live, what we will do.  I'm not retiring yet, but I will, soon I hope.
  4. Two more courses at Princeton Theological Seminary : New Testament and Congregational Leadership.
  5. A sail on one of the Clearwater ships.
  6. A trip to Montreal for a long weekend.
  7. The Clearwater Festival on June 21 and 22, although it will be sad without Pete. 
So, what are you doing this summer?