Rest In Peace, Mary Devine, 6/5/1925-6/6/2008

My Aunt Mary died yesterday. This picture was taken at my cousin Jack's 50th birthday party two years ago-she's the one on the far left. The man on the far right is her younger brother, John-my cousin Jack's father. He's the last of the three Devine "children" - first my mother died of Alzheimer's in 1998 and now Mary died, of we think diverticulitis, the day after her 83rd birthday.

I will miss her terribly; she was my aunt, my godmother, my role model, and in many ways, my hero. She taught me about faith, hard work, independence, generosity and love. She was always there, always forgiving, and even though she could be bossy and domineering (as I've been told I can be, too!) she always had the best of everything in her heart. Anne made some calls today to let folks that she worked with know of her passing, and one of the women said that people at The Royal Globe (the insurance company where she worked for 45 years) found her intimidating because she was so smart. Smart she was, and funny, and quick and thorough. She didn't suffer fools gladly and she got the job done. Boy I sure hope I am like her - I'll need those qualities now.

Rest in peace, Aunt Mary. I only wish you had a more peaceful end but I am sure now that your suffering is over. I love you and I'll miss you.

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