The Garden in August

So here's our garden in August. The only reason that the tomatoes survived is because there were so many of them.

The topsy-turvy planter has had lots of flowers but they've all been male-what's up with that?

The beans have started to come back-who knows, we might actually get some. Everything that was high up was out of reach, which is why the topsy-turvy survived.

Notice the old windows around the garden- that was working to keep the woodchucks out - for a while!

One of my favorite focal points in the garden is the planter that we've named Guennivere-she looks gorgeous, as you can see from this picture, taken last week.

When we put the garden to bed I'll put up the battery operated electric fence. I'll have to put it around the garden, especially since we have the wooden fence along the back. This should prove very interesting!

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