Family Emergencies

In the immortal words of Gilda Radner, "It's always something" and boy was she right! Anne's mom was rushed to the hospital Sunday evening and on Monday we were sure we were going to have to decide whether surgery would be required (and would she survive the surgery?) or would we "wait and see" while the poor woman was in extreme pain.

After a long night of anti-biotics and an IV drip her massive infection was controlled, and by Wednesday she was asking for things again-a radio, Fixident, when can I go home?

You've got to say this for Ruth-she's a feisty lady!

And boy am I glad that this latest emergency ended so well. We're heading to the city to visit her at St. Luke's and we're hoping she'll be home by Tuesday.

Gilda was right-it is always something!

[Note: she was home by Monday and back in the hospital-this time the VA-on Tuesday, where she is as I write this on September 20.]

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