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I've been on a bit of a movie jag lately. Saw "The Fighter" this past weekend, and "True Grit" the weekend before that.

Two excellent movies, and I'm listening to Arcade Fire's The Suburbs-aren't I hip?

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I'm preparing for the Academy Awards, I even have my very own ballot! And unlike other years, I've seen 70% of the movies nominated for best movie. I don't think I can sit through Black Swan, no matter how good Natalie Portman is, just give her the Oscar and be done with it.

I didn't like Winter's Bone-too slow, too sad, too bleak for me.

And Toy Story 3 might be a Netflix Instant Play one of these nights.

Hey, I think I like Arcade Fire, and if I bought the mp3 from them, instead of Amazon, I'd saved $1.50! Oh well, it's only money.

See you at the movies!

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