We didn't work all of the time. When we weren't working we were eating, sleeping, resting or sightseeing. Wednesday after we finished work we went into Managua-here we are having dinner in a restaurant. The next picture shows you how we usually had dinner-outdoors. We swam at Lake Apoyo on Saturday (the day we arrived). Lake Apoyo is a beautiful crater lake. You can see it in the background-this picture doesn't do it justice. Here are all of us looking fresh, in spite of the trip and the fact that we were up at 2 AM to get to the church parking lot by 2:50AM to be at the airport at 4 AM for our 6 AM flight to Miami-what did we do that we deserved the "early" flight?


Amanda said...

Dear Connie,
Your blog is my first and what a terrific introduction! I think I should take one of your computer courses and learn how to do this or if it is simple, maybe a book club meeting with laptops would suffice.
Your adventure captures the sense of a borderless world that exists because we are all human beings. Yet the consequence of socio-economic opportunity or lack thereof is also clearly captured.
Where does this send you for the next step in this journey?

Connie Knapp said...

Ahh...the all important question-what is the next step on this journey? I'm not sure. I do know that I'm somewhat haunted by this experience.
One of the young folks who went with us, Andrew Winget, has decided to apply for a one year job with Habitat for Humanity as a direct result of his experience. Very interesting.
And thanks for "dropping by" and leaving a comment!