Ah, the best laid plans! We were supposed to go to Teatown for their plant sale today, but the weather isn't very promising. [Note: we actually did go, in the rain, and got lots of wonderful plants-zucchini, a patio tomato, some cat mint.]

Anne got some strawberry plants in last weekend. Our strawberry planter broke (who even remembers how or when) and we decided to plant them in long narrow boxes. We now have enough strawberry plants to go into the strawberry business. But since strawberries are usually produced with pesticides, we don't eat anything but organic strawberries. It will be nice to grow our own.

We've ordered Earth Boxes for tomatoes. The plan was to buy tomato plants at Teatown and get them into the Earth boxes-we'll see. We want to try Earth boxes because we can move them around, as the sun moves; we'll have to cover them to keep critters away from them.

We have a topsy turvy planter that we're going to try to grow zucchini in-we like zucchini but the plants sprawl and take up the entire (small) garden.

I'll post some pictures soon, as soon as the sun comes out and I can take some!

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