So we think we have nothing to worry about, and we set up the Earth Boxes with mulch covers. These boxes are great-wheeled, with a staking set that comes with its own netting. We decide that there is no problem in leaving the boxes out. Here are some photos of us putting the boxes together. Here's Anne calling the Earth Box folks for some advice.

Turns out we didn't need it-we got them up and working in no time, and Anne planted the tomato plants we bought at the Teatown Plant Sale.

And here's what happened. Something ate through the cover-and left the tomato plants alone! Netting and duct tape to the rescue! So far, so good. Since the boxes are on wheels, we can wheel them around the property to follow the sun. Let's hope this works and we don't wind up with a $64 tomato!


Sarah said...

Is that a "greenhouse on wheels" I see in those pictures? That is fantastic!

And that is one persistent something or other to eat through that mulch cover. Sheesh!

Connie Knapp said...

Yes, that's a greenhouse with wheels. We bought it at BJ's a few years ago. It's very handy for those times that we buy plants and then can't get them in the ground right away.
The cover has seen better days-we keep meaning to replace it.