Reflections on MLK, Jr Day and Life in General

How's that for a pretentious post title! But I am really enjoying being home, which is a rare event lately, and I'm getting so much out of Jennifer Louden's virtual retreat and tomorrow the new America begins.

Now if I could just take all of this with me and move into my "regular" life with the calm, confidence and contentment that I've received from four days on virtual retreat (even though Friday was more of a "crash" day).

And being somewhat snowed in is great-I don't feel like I have to do anything, go anywhere or even shower until our book group meeting tonight.


laughingyogini said...

Hi Connie, Just getting in to take a peak at your blog. Enjoying what I see so far. Hasn't the retreat been AMAZING!!!! Like you, being of a "certain age" my life is undergoing huge transitions: kids fledging the nest, I left my college English teaching job, broke with my business partner...did I mention turning inside out with menopause? The time to reflect and create new direction has been PERFECT.
Nice to share it with others, like you. Thanks for being along on the journey.

Connie Knapp said...

Thanks for coming by-the retreat has been amazing. Transitions can be fun, I just have to remember that!
Wonderful to "meet" you and share this time with you.