Snow Day!

almost. An ice storm, with a delayed opening, which is almost as good.

When I was a lowly professor, I didn't go back until the week before school started. Now that I'm an exalted dean, I get to go back on January 5th. Lucky me.

And I never realized how well I used the time between the semesters. My offices (all four-home, New York, White Plains and Pleasantville) could use some attention, my checkbook hasn't been balanced in months, I'm behind on my reading, I'm only getting to the gym once a week-I could go on but it would sound like I'm complaining.

So here's an unusual New Year's resolution-find a work/life balance! I realize now that for me there is no such thing-I'm either working too much or I'm not working at all. And I like it that way. And that's what I really like about being a college professor-intense periods of work, intense periods of play.

Happy 2009 everyone! Enjoy the snow day!

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